Premium Wine Cellars


Your wine, anywhere, anytime.

All Loomis members will enjoy a concierge service that will deliver their wine from their wine storage at Loomis to their home, the beach, their yacht or their residence out of state, Monday – Friday, from 9am-5pm. Select platinum members will enjoy our concierge service any day, any time, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our wine storage and concierge will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Each wine storage facility has an assigned concierge that is of premium status. These individuals have completed an extensive customer service training program and beat out hundreds of other applicants to gain this position because of their outstanding ability to not only problem solve, but exceed the expectations of every Loomis Member. Our staff will make you feel better than being at home.

Loomis America brings all of the comforts of an in-home wine cellar to our platinum wine storage facilities. No more up-keep, inventory concerns or need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of your time under construction to enjoy one of life’s most wonderful treasures; wine connoisseurship.


Enjoy the worry-free luxury of leasing your very own wine cellar, complete with state of the art security, best protection against weather disasters, cutting edge technology for perfect tempurature and humidity at all times in each unit, real time inventory and notifications of any access to your unit 24/7.

Loomis caters to our members in a way that reflects their greatest pleasures, with evenings that are meant to be both relaxing and memorable. Hosting regular wine tastings with the very best blends, we scour high and low to find what’s not only classic, but new and exciting. From the American vineyards of California to the rolling hills of France, Loomis brings the best wines home to your location and pours you and your guest a succulent glass. Kick back, savor a premium glass of your favorite blend and enjoy friendly conversation as we put on VIP,  invitation-only wine tastings that all Loomis members have exclusive access to.

Premium Wine Storage


Our wine storage facility has a Cat5 bunker design with backup generator that can take on almost any storm!

Wine Cellars are kept at a cool 55 degrees with 70% humidity. Local and worldwide shipping to you 24/7.

Exclusive Bordeaux club for 10 members only, with perks that include 24/7 private concierge at no additional charge.

Concierge Service


Our staff are the very best at delivering optimal customer service that not only meets but exceeds all customer expectations.

Each of these individuals are put through rigorous training programs and are selected from hundreds of applicants for being prompt, professional and for having exceptional problem solving skills.

The concierge will deliver your wine right to your door and provide you with friendly, enjoyable encounters that you will always look forward to!

Exclusive Events


Regular wine tastings and local events will be a common occasion for Loomis members.

Membership with Loomis enhances your lifestyle and our staff is here to ensure your needs are always met.

This includes two annual 5-star trips; one to wine country California and a second to Europe.

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